Funeral Services

Funeral Pre-planning

Funeral pre-planning removes the decision-making burden from survivors by making personal funeral, burial, or memorial choices well in advance of need.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your affairs will be in order and that the financial and burial arrangements are all taken care of for your family.

We are available to meet with you to determine your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about preplanning a loved one’s funeral.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more funeral pre-planning information.

Traditional Funeral Service

This traditional funeral service typically includes a visitation in the evening with a shorter visitation the next day followed by a funeral ceremony at a church or our funeral home.

There also can be a one day funeral service, where there is only a visitation period right before the funeral service.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more traditional funeral service information.

Graveside Funeral Service

The family would meet at the gravesite or at the mausoleum and hold a funeral ceremony.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more graveside funeral service information.

Memorial Funeral Service

The memorial funeral service is conducted without the body being present either at a Church or at the Funeral Home.  Usually a photo and flowers will be set up as a focal point.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more memorial funeral service information.

Cremation Funeral Service

There are many different funeral services that can be combined with cremation:

  • Traditional Funeral Service: 

This funeral service includes a public viewing of the loved one in a casket.  A religious or secular funeral service is conducted at a church or funeral home and the loved one is taken to the crematory after the service.

  • Memorial Funeral Serice:

This funeral service is conducted without the body being present.  There may or may not be an urn present with the ashes.  Usually the family has a photo and flowers set up for the deceased.

  • Direct Disposition:

The family has the loved one transferred from the place of death directly to the crematory. There is no funeral or memorial service.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more cremation funeral service information.

Military Honors Funeral Service

We have contacts for all branches of service. With Military Honors, we can help arrange for TAPS, a gun salute, color guard, etc. depending on the branch of service.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more military funeral service information.

Green Funeral Service

A “Green Funeral” is simple and natural.  There is no embalming of the body.  Depending on state laws, the burial site remains as natural as possible.  Internment is in a bio-degradable casket, there is no concrete vault or grave liner.  We are specialists in helping you to plan a green funeral.

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more green funeral service information.

Title XIX Funerals

We will work with you  and guide you through the process

Contact one of our helpful funeral directors for more title XIX funeral service information.